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Reading the Quran in a proper and correct manner is not an easy task. Our online classes are suitable for all the family members including kids and Females.

Hifz Holy Quran

Memorizing Quran is one of the finest blessings of Allah for kids, parents and even for family members. Barka’t of this holy job improves child’s memory and wisdom which gives them wings. It’s a proven fact that Huffaz are normally best performers in all fields of practical life. We offer our services under supervision of well adorned Huffaz.

Islamic Studies

We need to know our Islamic history, Islamic heroes, life of Sehaba (RTAA), Ghazwat, life in the era of Muhammad (PBUH), Uswa-e-Hasana and holy lives of UmuhatulMominin (RTAA). We have brought together best available knowledge on this holy subject.

Learn Noorani Qaida

Precise Knowledge of Arabic grammar and accent is imperative for reading or memorizing Holy Quran. Our Noorani Qaida classes build the base strong enough to help students further in their Quran learning.

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Tajweed classes expand the rules and principles for correct recitation of Quran. We offer beginner level and advance level classes. Our teaching techniques are most advanced. Advanced level classes offer supreme familiarity with Quran recitation in simple but comprehensible manner.

Quran With Urdu Translation

Owing to foreign nature of Arabic language we may read Arabic with proper accent but soul of Islam can only be introduced to our lives if we know what our Allah is saying to us. Our Quran with translation course fulfills the purpose.


Tafseer elaborates rules, context and gist of Quranic verses and helps to comprehend meaning and applicability in everyday life. Tafseer available with us is one of the best in the world. It claims that level because its language can be understood by a lay man very easily.

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